1- Personal information and e-mail addresses of Sociland users are not shared with third parties except for compulsory forensic cases.
2- Sociland does not market or use user data for 3rd party advertising campaigns.
3- Sociland is not responsible for the potentially harmful behavior of people interacting through the Sociland application.
4- In Sociland application, events containing racism, aggression, nudity or pornographic materials cannot be created.
5- Sociland can delete and block users that it detects that it does not comply with article 4.
6- Sociland is not responsible for any potentially offensive content in the message content sent via Sociland.
7- Although Sociland mobile application is a local application, it respects user privacy and does not process customer real time location information.
8- It is forbidden for users to create events involving commercial activities through Sociland and the responsibility belongs to the users.
9- Users who are found to carry out commercial activities through the application are blocked.
10- It is forbidden to share materials containing nudity, aggression, racism, hate speech and sexism. Users who do not follow these rules will be blocked.
11- User-created events will be published after the suitability of content control. Event is not publish if containing nudity, aggression, racism, hate speech and sexism. 12- Anyone who downloads and subscribes to the Sociland application is deemed to have accepted these articles.